As we begin to wind down on the activities of 2018, let me do a quick run-down of our achievements in 2018.

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We started the year with the theme BLUEPRINT 2018; GO PRO! GROW UP OR GO HOME!

For our information, those that read and implemented the blueprint 2018 ended this year as millionaires.

As at December 2017 this year we were about 14,000 as against 2,000 that we were as at December 2016… as I write this, we are about 45,000… What a tremendous increase.

This year, we have practically taken over the Shalom Plaza, we have acquired the former FORTIS MICROFINANCE BANK office. We have over 25 offices in the plaza…

This year, we have over 22 G-leaders, these are people that have made millions and their business make them millions monthly or at least have that potential.

This year, over 20 people bought their cars in this business, the latest ones being barrister Boniface, who went from driving a 1986 Passat model to buying a Camry Muscle in less than 1 year of being active in the business,

Ranti, who just encashed and got herself a 2009 Toyota corolla and Mr Ifeanyi, who went from being in debt to buying an E-Class, the cars were celebrated in the last 4 days before Christmas… I don’t know of any organizations that pulled this off.

We have provided employment to our teeming population as hundreds of people in C21FG make income ranging from 250k… (which is the salary of a level 16 officer in civil service) to millions of naira monthly (more than income of CEOs and Top military officials), for our information, a Major General in the army earns a salary of about N1.2mill monthly, for most G-leaders, making this money monthly amounts to massive failure.

This year we have lots of people fire their bosses… it’s on record that no organization that gotten people to fire their bosses like the OWN YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN!

A couple of days ago, Engr Taiwo, an Engineer with Julius Berger making over 300k monthly fired his boss, as I am typing this, another person Mr Michael Okoro fired Boss in Ibadan and I heard that G-Leader Juliet is set to fire her boss 31st of December

someone once asked me… what do you guys do @ the OWN YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN… I replied, we teach people how to fire their bosses.

We have achieved personal development, as at the beginning of this year we had about 36 presenters in C21FG but as at today, nationwide, we have over 200 presenters, people that did not know that they could stand before people and talk are now running presentation and getting instant sign ups…

I remember when Muna came into C21FG, she came in as Dr Mba’s secretary, over a year ago and three weeks ago, she met me and told me that she ran a presentation all the way in Kaduna and got 4 instant sign ups; For me; That was a GOAL.

I see young people in their twenties leading groups and training them; Apart from the money, the personal development, the people skills and the overall mental renovations that come from our weekly trainings are not gotten anywhere… not in our schools, nor in our churches or mosques nor are they taught on our television screens nor will employers of teach them at our place of work;

Life skills are not taught anywhere. A lot of these Life skills will be taught next year.

This year we expanded beyond measure, we have over 50 different offices and counting in different states run by different leaders

This year, we took a 32 MAN SQUAD to the Philippines, the highest no of delegates from any team, the 32 men squad mounted the stage of the largest indoor arena in the world and enjoyed a 12-day training and vacation in the Philippines


This year, we produced the Top 1 HIGHEST EARNER IN AIM GLOBAL NIGERIA; A feat achieved in about 2 and half years and produced 6 people in the TOP 20 CATEGORY IN NIGERIA in about 2 and half years of running a business that has been around for 6 years in Nigeria, we also have the highest no of Millionaire Circle members in Nigeria.

This year, we produced the top 5 highest earners in Abuja, and 80% of the top matchers in Abuja, we have not just taken over, we have dominated the business space in Abuja

I could go on and on, the list of achievements is unending, what about challenges, did we encounter any challenge this year?

Yes we did encountered a lot of challenges, the chief of them is PRODUCTS SCARCITY, some of the challenges also include, not hitting our target of 50,000 in number, not raising up to 250 millionaire leaders this year and having to expunge some bad eggs in our midst but by far, the good far outweighs the challenges.

The good news; this product scarcity will end with this year; the country manager in charge of products is not going on vacation just to make sure that the products at the port are cleared; to clear products from the port to the warehouse is practically more expensive and cumbersome than shipping the products from Philippines to Nigeria… we pray for good governance.

I will start by apologizing on behalf of the company and our government for the scarcity of products, for those whose businesses were affected, I apologize profusely,

I want you to understand that the management knows the implications of this scarcity on our business but things like this happen, things beyond our control but what we can control, is our response to challenges.

When challenges come, we learn from it so as to become better, I am going to drive home a bitter truth about this product issue; one of the gifts a successful person should ask God for is to “gift him at least one person that has the capacity to tell him or her the bitter truth at all times”

The challenge we have in our nation’s leadership is that most leaders surround themselves with sycophants that tell them only what they want to hear… nobody is telling them the bitter truth and as a result, they don’t even see the need to change or be better.

They don’t even believe that they are doing anything wrong because the people, they trust the most are hailing them for their achievements, in fact in our nation’s leadership, some news are scrutinized and made sure that the leaders do not hear them or hears a different narrative.

The truth about the products thing is “Our business is not about the products as much as it is about the opportunity, that the products and compensation plan presents;

Its 80% opportunity and 20% products; the monies we make in this business is not primarily because we sell products or because we even use the products, it’s because we see the opportunity to build a leverage business and that opportunity is what drives us.

I have built a 9 figure income in this business and I have barely sold a single product.

You can buy these products from anywhere without necessarily building the business, as there are lots of people that take our coffee and c24/7 but they are not signed into the business but the reason we are in this business is because of what the opportunity can present.

Let me give a practical example; you attend a wedding and you are entitled to food and drinks but that is not the main reason you came to the wedding, imagine somebody leaving the wedding event because he did not get food, trust me, food is good and it keeps your brain alive but do not allow food to be the main reason why you are coming for the wedding because you can eat at home or anywhere else.

The reason you came for the wedding is to rejoice with your friend on his/her big day, food is complementary.

The same goes with this business, the products are not the main reason you joined this business, the reason you joined this business is to hit N96,000 daily on as many accounts you can. There are a few people that join strictly for the products, that is about 5 -10%, they don’t build the business.

Imagine if I walked away from this business because my upline did not bring my products on time? My village people would have been rejoicing by now because I would probably have been in the cubicle of a bank wondering where to get cash for my ATMs for the long holiday. Check most of your leaders that are doing well, they cared less about their products, check those that cared much about the products, how are they fairing? (No be me talk) …

For those that walked away from this business because of the product scarcity, let us empathize and pray for them and hope that they see that peradventure, they were meant to be super stars in this business and this product scarcity was just an attempt by the enemy to detour them from their manifest destiny. Is this possible that if they stayed back, months from now they would have become millionaires and the temporary products scarcity would not have mattered anymore.

As at 24th of December by 8.05pm, I was discussing with G-Leader Kelechi, Shalom Plaza was filled with cars and the offices are operating despite the scarcity of products, our contemporaries’ businesses have mostly shut down because they made the products become 80% while the opportunity 20%.

Products are good and valuable and in fact are needed BUT let us beware, lest we lose focus of what brought us into this business.

A bunch of people QUIT this business or rather slowed down this year because of the scarcity of products while a bunch of people scaled their business this year because of the same scarcity of products… Same Challenge… Different Outlook. (The same boiling water that soften the potatoes hardens the egg…)

As we begin to navigate towards the corridors of 2019, let me put a torch light to what we do and how it impacts our lives and others in 2019.

In 2019, we will create a lot of multi-millionaires in this business,

In 2019, people who have struggled in this business but maintained faith will finally have their breakthrough

In 2019, we will create so much wealth that our problem will be what to do with the wealth

In 2019, we will raise a lot of successful leaders in this business

In 2019, we will finally take over the MLM business space in Nigeria and beyond

In 2019, we will grow exponentially and make undeniable impact in our nations

Strap your seat belt and get ready to fly in 2019!

A lot of people misunderstand what we do, a handful of people in various chat rooms have voiced out anger, called us all sorts of names; it can be demoralizing and disheartening at times.

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People have associate us with Ponzi schemes and rained insults and abuses on us, both prospects and disgruntled distributors especially during this shortage of products BUT show me one Legendary endeavor that was not met with such negative outburst?

Show me anything that was worthwhile that was not greeted with peoples’ disapproval… in fact nothing worthwhile had the approval of the masses at the beginning. Putting it in more clear terms; if you are looking for the full approval of the masses, then you will end up as a mediocre because the masses form the mediocre volume of the populace.

When I wanted to resign from the bank to focus on this business full time, it did not have the approval of the masses. Let me take a little time and educate us on what we do, so that we are armed with the right responses for the dream killers that once in a while may waylay us on our way to the top.

Few weeks ago, I met an old friend at a mall, after we exchanged pleasantries, he asked me a question… @Guy, so what do you do now? I answered him briskly, I am a business connector,

He seemed confused, I went ahead to tell him that I am involved in helping people to build a leverage business model, he still was not satisfied so I asked him Have you heard of the OWN YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN? He said YES, I have heard about it… I have gone for their presentation somewhere in GUDU, It’s network marketing… is that what you do?

I said YES, that is what I do, he said okay, he did not seem impressed, and we shook hands and he left but as I entered my car and was about driving out of the mall, it dawned on me that I did not fully answer that man’s question. I did not do justice to that question.

I asked myself the same question… what do I really do? NETWORK MARKETING??? I am not a marketer, I don’t market any network, I could see the reason my old friend shook hands with me and did not seem interested nor excited.

Let us look at the word “Network Marketing” I don’t know who gave our business that name… it does not do justice to our business. It looks like maybe what others are doing but not C21FG. It’s just like meeting the owner of Jevinik and you ask her what she does and she says… I am a food seller; yes, she does sell food but that is injustice to her business and what she is doing, what if she describes herself as “I own and operate chains of restaurants delivering the best homemade food in Nigeria at the best affordable prices”

The term “NETWORK MARKETING” is so ambiguous and does not do JUSTICE to what we do in C21FG.

As I sat down and meditated for a while; I called him on the phone and told him what I do; I told him, you asked me what I do… He said yes and I told him…

“I am a social entrepreneur that teaches and /or mentors people on how to become successful social entrepreneurs, who utilize their social capital to make money, which is actually a better way of making money instead of waiting on financial capital that a lot don’t even have” in a nutshell, what we do is “Raising and Building Successful Social Entrepreneurs”

Guys, we have redefined the Narrative of Network Marketing in C21FG… We are Social Entrepreneurs!

Just like, Medicine and Surgery, Lawyers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Teachers… e.t.c; Entrepreneurship is a career path, let me give you an example…

Someone who owns a hospital is an entrepreneur, he may or may not be a doctor, someone who owns a laboratory or a pharmacist store is an entrepreneur, they may or may not be a lab scientist or a pharmacist.

If the doctor is working in a hospital, he is an employee but if he owns a hospital that employs either himself and/or other paramedics including auxiliary staffs like cleaners and gatemen, then he is an entrepreneur.

We are in an age where the employee is under a glass ceiling that is getting thicker and darker by the day, and the scariest part is that it seems like the glass ceiling is gradually coming down on the tables on which the employees are sitting, the anxiety average employee grows each day as the industrial economy winds up gradually leaving little or nothing to the employee

Artificial intelligence and robotics scavenge and ravage even the job crumbs that fall off the table. The future of this age lies with the Entrepreneurs; as the United Nations secretary general said earlier on that there will the highest level of unemployment ever witnessed in the coming years.  

We are well aware of the dynamics of the changing economy and how rapid the narrative is changing when it comes to making a good living.

There are two types of entrepreneurs, the industrial entrepreneur and the social entrepreneur; The same enemy that is fighting the employee is also fighting the industrial entrepreneur in the sense that most of the services are now been accessed by the masses from the apps in their phones…

The trend is gradually moving away from the industrial entrepreneur to the connected economy leaving Social Entrepreneurs as a better option.

Let’s take Dangote for example, 5 years ago he borrowed millions of dollars from a consortium of 5 banks to build his refineries but with the advent of electric cars that don’t use fuel… what do you think will happen to him when most Nigeria will start using electric cars.

Also unfortunately, we are in a country where financial capital is a big issue, very hard to find people with savings… and the interest rates on loans is cruising at 25% making it difficult for the industrial Entrepreneur to access financial capital to start or scale a business.

Starting a business with costly funds is like killing a business even before it starts… scaling business with costly funds makes you more or less an employee working for the bank as the profit you make goes back to them in paying back interest while you bear all the risk of your business…

That is why social capital is better than financial capital and why Social Entrepreneur is the way to go!

The industrial Entrepreneur has employees working for him but the social entrepreneur has fellow entrepreneurs working for him… that is why Social Entrepreneur is the NEW SEXY!

This brings me to what we do in C21FG. Building and Raising Successful Social Entrepreneurs.

Secondly, the skill set and the mindset of an entrepreneur are not taught in our universities, neither are they taught in our churches or mosques, they are not taught on our television screens nor do employers of labour teach it to their employees…

Little wonder most entrepreneurs fail because of lack of mentorship… as a Social Entrepreneur, our business teaches you every aspect of entrepreneurship and that is why the best thing we get out of our business is not just the money but who we become in the process…”A Successful Entrepreneur”

With this background… we ENTER 2019 with clarity of purpose so as to exit 2019 with fulfillment of purpose.

Since our mantra for 2019 is BUILDING LEADERS, let me elucidate on who a Leader is

  1. A Leader is a self-motivated individual who has burnt the bridge behind him and have decided to succeed as a Social Entrepreneur. He does not necessarily need the encouragement of his upline or the motivation of his downlines…

He is fully in, if his upline abandons him, he is not aware, if his downlines desert him, he is unstoppable, he is not double minded, he is not on the fence, he has signed the dotted lines, he has crossed the Rubicon; his only option at FINANCIAL FREEDOM is to succeed as a Social Entrepreneur… he is drunk with the “We Die Here” attitude…

HE IS A FULL TIMER WITH UNEQUALLED FOCUS ON HIS BUSINESS. Does not entertain distractions of any kind

No Nay sayers nor dream killer can get to him. Truth is: when you get to this point, you are bound to succeed in this business… not a lot of people get to this point.

  1. A leader is a Professional Social Entrepreneur who has mastered or is mastering the ins and the out of the social entreprenurial space. Just like a trained medical professional understands his job, he understands what makes his/her business work, the challenges and how to navigate through them all.

He is someone who has dedicated his whole time to mastering the seven skills set required to succeed in his business,


When he prospects, he doesn’t miss, when he invites, he invites with the accuracy of the gods, when he presents his business, you have no choice but to run after him, when he follows you up, it’s like you are bound to him by destiny, when he closes you down, you bring out all your debit cards to pay and literarily beg him to collect your money…when he gets a new distributor started, the person has a 99% chance of succeeding in the business and when he promotes events, you can stake your encashment that the halls will be jammed to capacity.


In a nutshell, he is one that has acquired the high income skills required to succeed as a Social Entrepreneur

  1. A leader is one who has devoted his time to mastering people skills/problem solving skills and has hands on experience with dealing and resolving the issues of his/her team mates. According to John Maxwell, A leader without a follower is just taking a walk;

A leader is someone that has active team mates who by his/her influence are getting results in the business because he is using the high income skills to build their business. His/her team mates can always count on them; their team mates are glad they have someone like them to look up to.

Gone are the days, you sign up people you are willing to work with


  1. A leader is one who is committed to building his team mates to becoming independent leaders like him; he trains them to become like him and consequently run their business with little or no supervision.

He mentors them and impacts the high income skills to them, bringing out their potentials and makes them become very successful professionals like himself. A leader that

There are five defining blocks OF BECOMING A TRUE LEADER. They are the open secrets that just anybody can apply to become a successful leader

  1. FULL TIME MENTALITY: if you want to make a 7 figure income monthly in this business, and you want to do it part time, you need to check your mental configurations very well so as to be sure it’s default settings is not Ponzi scheme, any job that pays you 7 figure monthly and you are doing it part time??? it’s possible for that to happen in our business but it’s more likely for thunder to strike at the same spot twice than for you to build a 7 figure income monthly doing it part time.

BUILDING A 7 figure monthly income is different from earning a 7 figure monthly income; you can be lucky to have 2 G-leaders on either side of your account and you can earn 7 figure income monthly but it’s just pure luck, it does not make you a leader. The process of building is what turns you to a leader.

This is the drill; you resume at your day job at 7.30am, work till 5.30pm daily and at the end of the month, you earn N125K and after you have exhausted your best self at your work place during the day, you come to run this business with left over energy for one or two hours and you want to earn 7 figure monthly??? Angels are watching you in 4D


Generating Residual income is not a walk in the park, it’s like building a pipeline. Does this mean that everybody should resign their jobs and face the connected economy squarely? That is not what I am proposing, what I am simply saying is “Don’t expect to make a full time income like 7 figure monthly, with a part time mentality”

The point here is the mentality, there are some people that are FULL TIMERS with part time mentality and there are part timers with Full time mentality.

I have never seen a champion that is part time, IMAGINE RONALDO playing football part time or FEDERRER playing Tennis part time, tell me what Anthony Joshua is doing apart from boxing.

I have not seen anybody successfully chase two birds at the same time and catch one.

Let me address this extensively because in 2019, we intend to raise 1,000 FULL TIMERS; leaders should encourage full timers… G-LEADERS should work closely with their full timers.

There are two factors that stop people from engaging in this business as a full timer

  1. LIMITING BELIEF IN THE BUSINESS (Not very sure this business can give them financial independence/freedom)

I had this same challenge, in fact, when I joined the connected economy, my dream was to make extra 200k to argument my bank salary.

I didn’t know a lot of people making 7 figure from the business monthly, I saw it as a part time hustle to improve my standard of living but I could never have been more wrong…

WHAT CHANGED THIS PERCEPTION? I went for a training in Gloucester, the outskirts of London, it was a one-day event that opened my eyes to the potentials in the connected economy, I saw people earning 7 figures if converted to Naira monthly,

I saw that what I thought was a side hustle was the new money making machine. I also found out the business holds a different meaning to those in Europe than to those in Nigeria and I immediately understood why folks in Nigeria were not making much money;

In Nigeria, it was treated more or less like a side hobby that you do with your free time while in Europe, it was treated like the only business that could guarantee you financial independence… hence the result was different.

That day, I knew that if I could take the business seriously, I would make a fortune like folks in the developed countries.

Network Marketing is no longer on trial, it has come to stay, it’s a cold stone fact that it’s a better way of making money in this century,

Just like gravity, whether you believe in gravity or not, it doesn’t change the fact if you jump up, you must come down; whether we accept this fact or not, people will make hundreds of millions in Network Marketing this century, so it’s either you join us and make the money or you watch from the stands.


  1. LIMITING BELIEF IN ONESELF (Not sure I can succeed in this business)

Right after the moment I made the decision to go full time into the business and take the business very seriously because right before my eyes, the potential income was just unearthed to me,

I stumbled into this obstacle… Can I truly succeed in this business? Am I really cut out for this? I am a born introvert, never done marketing in my life as I was an operation staff in the bank, am going back to Nigeria, where people are not readily aware of the opportunity that these business presents,

It’s possible, this business is meant for sanguines and extroverts, I am chronic choleric and an introvert…maybe if I was a marketer in the bank, then I would succeed or further still, if I was in Europe or Yankee

Barrage of self-limiting thoughts slammed my head besides, I am not passionate about this so how will I succeed… “This is not really my THING”

I believed in the potential of the business but i am not quite sure I can succeed in this business but as the thoughts were revolving in my head… the answers came from the speeches I heard in the event and were countering the thoughts…

There is a science to success in everything including this business… all you need to do is to learn the requisite skills needed to succeed in the business and apply it. After all, I did not study banking in school but I went for training and I became a bad ass banker to the extent I was jumping from one bank to the other at will.

Alas, I figured out the answer… if I devote myself to learning the skills, I will eventually succeed. I don’t know how to fly a jet plane but if I apply myself to go to a pilot school and go through the rigors, I will be a bad ass jet pilot.

Nobody was born with any special skill… they trained for it before they became good at it, beside most of the their testimonies were from humble background and had the limitations I had.

As I boarded my plane back to Nigeria, I was armed with the answers to the two most defining questions… I was ready to go full time and I was ready to master the skills to become a professional in this field… Then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and saw myself making 8 figure monthly income in this business.

The mistake lots of leaders make is that they expect everybody that starts this business to do it full time, the reality is: people increase their engagement as their belief system in those two parameters increases.

But what we are emphasizing is that even if you choose to do the business 5 hours a week, you MUST be committed to those 5 hours in a regimented fashion.

The idea that the connected economy is a space you come and do nothing and make a fortune is a fallacy and should not be promoted in C21FG; This fallacy is what leads to failures and inactive team mates and people calling us out for the monies they did not make for doing nothing.

Leaders make it very clear to your new team mates, this is not a Ponzi scheme, it’s a business, you MUST work it to make it work, the beautiful thing is that we already have the system, the support and the structure to make it simple for you… SIMPLE is the word not EASY. There is no route to making money that is EASY.

If you want to change your financial fortune through the connected economy, you must be engaged in one form or the other. There are three types of Engagement.

  1. HOBBY ZONE; Between 0- 7 hours’ weekly

  1. PART TIMER ZONE; Between 7 – 10 hours’ weekly

  1. FULL TIMERS ZONE; Between 7 – 12 hours’ daily

When you recruit people, let them choose their zone and please work with them based on that zone, do not force them to join another zone, work with them from whatever point they want and let them grow their belief system from there

BUT also let them know the expectations of each zone. In this business, if you do nothing, you get nothing that is why you get your money’s worth in exchange for products once you sign up.

The best definition of a FULL TIMER is someone has his or her mind always occupied with this business…



Nothing worthwhile is achieved without a regimented life; No trophy was ever lifted by hands devoid of regiment and routines.

The sad part of our business is that the greatest advantage of our business is equally the greatest disadvantage of our business.

Freedom to work when you want to work without supervision nor repercussion; you choose to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do without answering to anybody, you own your life! NEWS FLASH; You don’t own your life immediately you join our business, our business offers you the opportunity to own your life in a 3 to 4-year period.

This has been the greatest undoing of our business and the reason lots of people fail.

My mentor once told me “You can’t arrive somewhere by walking anyhow” we have succeeded thus far in C21FG because we have regimented an unregimented business.

We are making the monies we are making because everybody including the leaders have subjected themselves to authority both inside an outside of the encoding room.

For any venture to be successful, there has to be regiment with consequent penalties

I wonder how many of us would have finished primary school if there were no regiment and penalties, if our parents did not wield the big stick… how many of us would have finished secondary schools if there were no penalties for failing exams and how many of us would have been graduates if there were no consequences if you fail a course.

You don’t attend lectures whenever you want to, there are timetables that were written without your permission and you had to follow.

You also did not write exams whenever you choose to, the time table was done without consulting you and you are forced to comply or face the unpardonable consequences.

That is how institutions are built. Regiment are put in place that puts you in check. But in our business, there is no accountability and this remains the greatest undoing of our business;

For e.g a connector invites 20 prospects for big announcement, he does not do reminder calls and he does not show up at the event venue and guess what… no repercussions, no penalties… little wonder a lot of people fail.

If he/she tries it in her work place, she will definitely get a query or might even lose the job instantly…

In 2019, leaders must implement a regimented process to their business and include performance management if Leaders are to be built. Let me give examples.

For those doing the business full time; resume by 8.00am, everybody clocks in, if you come a minute late, there is a penalty

From 8.30 to 9.30 – cell meeting takes place (where you discuss the each of the 7 skill sets)

9.30 to 10.00 – prospecting

10.00 t0 11.00 – follow up

11.00 to 11.30 – booking/reminder calls

12noon – 2pm – XXX

The G-Leaders should create a regimented process for the full timers and the part timers and for those in the hobby zone and let there be repercussions for those who fail to abide. The repercussion could be as simple as not giving them attention anymore, it could also be a fine or something that would pinch a nerve somewhere.

G-Leaders/Emerging Leaders that are full timers, you need have a strict resumption time, let it be sacrosanct, if your team mates that are full timers see you always on time, they will follow suite and according to Eric Worre, you must first treat this as a job before it becomes a business to you.

This is how systems survive, this is how results are gotten in the industrial economy and if we MUST achieve results in the connected economy, we must be regimented.

A lot of people come to the office and because of absence of clear cut regiments with penalties, the spend bulk of the day wandering about and not knowing what exactly to do, if even if a part timer decides to do this business for 7 to 10 hours every week, he must choose the hours (sacred hours) and what he should do with those particular hours weekly should be spelt out and if he is not doing them, then he has no one to blame if he fails.

For e.g a part timer chooses 6pm to 8pm on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, he/she MUST abide by those same hours, he should not change them to any other day… he can increase the hours but MUST respect the timings

The part timer must treat this as a second job and not as a hobby, he/she must choose sacred hours during the week and be committed to those hours… not just any hour that he feels like.

People that choose to do this business at whatever hours they feel like are in the hobby zone

G-Leaders should also create a performance management process, where people know how they fare.



It is being said that we have only one boss in this business and the Boss is your calendar. Show me your calendar and I will show you your business portfolio.

Your calendar should be marked and booked with activities at least for a 3 months’ span. The reason being that our bodies are compelled and wired to follow existing plans… for e.g. you already know that you go to church on a Sunday morning, so your body and mind is already wired to it.

Although a lot of people hardly go to church on Sunday morning because there are no repercussions but they can’t miss work on a Monday morning no matter how tired they are because of the repercussions.

G-Leaders should develop planned activities for the next 3 months, book the venues ahead of time and let everyone know these are the activities, it put everyone on their toes to do the needful.

The planned activities should be posted on the groups and the hard copy on the offices so that everybody is aware of the next activity.

Let your calendar be so choked that you are always on the run… “Meeting Make Money” I have come to realise that there are actually no secrets in this business, he that organizes the most meetings makes the most money. During this xmass period, the people requesting for encodings in the encoding rooms are the people running meetings this period… once you gather people and do a good job, codes will drop.

If your planned activities are less than your activities for last year… You already know the result you are going to get at the end of this year. G-Leaders will show me their 3 months planned activities and I will monitor them accordingly, Emerging Leaders should give their 3 months planned activities to their G-Leaders who will monitor them as well


In C21FG, we have the best resource when it comes to this business ‘FULL ACCESS TO THE GO PRO ACADEMY” by Eric Worre, the No 1 authority when it comes to Network Marketing in the world.

This has been paid for and is still being paid for monthly but grossly under-utilized by the team.

There is nothing you are looking for in terms of training that is not contained in that academy, unfortunately, very few people utilize it, most of the courses have gone to the archives without people listening to them… this happens when people don’t pay for stuff.

I am contemplating that G-Leaders might need to start paying for it for their team mates and get their own log in details so that they can enforce it on their teammates, so that whenever they are debited monthly from GO PRO, they will make it mandatory.

This WILL likely happen from February if the footfalls on that academy does not improve.

Training is the live wire of this business, little wonder 2 out of our 3 cardinal cultures hinges on training.

Leaders are products of personal development and training; Leaders are what they are because of what they know about this business. if we MUST build leaders this year, constant training must be an ordinance.

It will be an abomination if by the end of the year, EMERGING G- LEADERS AND G-LEADERS have not exhausted every training in the GO PRO ACADEMY.

This has been simplified for us, just buy data and plug and play for your team mates to watch and take notes.

The Entrepreneur Mentor will be organizing explosive Entrepreneur trainings from time to time like the one held on December 8th but will only be opened to certified Full Timers.

One pitfall to avoid is attempting to be jack of all trade… Focus on trainings that improve your seven skills set in this business, this is the training that bring you money and helps you build a large successful team.

You only have a limited amount of time… FOCUS it on one direction and if you only concentrate on the trainings in the GO PRO ACADEMY, in the next 6 months, you will be an authority in this business.

G-Leaders/Emerging G-Leaders MUST have a 3 months training plan for their team mates and ensure that its regimented.



One of the secrets of a successful organization or institution is the ability for the leaders to constantly engage their wards, followers and members.

Churches and mosques that grow rapidly are those that constantly engage their members in constant church meetings, home cell meetings, workers meeting and all.

Research has shown that leaders/employers who engage their wards/employees get the best from them in the long run… parents that engage their children from time to time bring out the best from them.

It’s can be increasingly difficult to reach out to everyone in your team as a leader, so it’s advisable to schedule retreats, meetings, sizzle sessions and hangout from time to time in your team… remember to plan it ahead of time, include this in your planned activities.

At the beginning of this year, we had an engaging retreat and we know how it jump started our businesses and brought the best from our team mates.

Engagements meetings are not necessarily formal, they could be movie hang outs, going out for lunch, love feasts… the objective of these engagements is to understand where your team mates are, find out what is going on not just in their business but also in their personal lives;

it helps you to show love and concern to them. Due to smart phones and technology, the human soul has been starved of engagement… Watsap, Facebook and Instagram cannot replace the yearnings of the human soul for genuine love and care.

The world is suffering from lack of care and concern. Leaders must represent family to their team mates, when a team mate misses training and/or has been absent for a while… Leaders should go look for them in a bid to show care and concern…

It does not mean that the leaders should start a hospitability business, catering to every whims of their team mates which will ultimately distract them and could create an entitlement mentality in the minds of the team mates rather, they should include the engagement meetings in the planned activities and utilize the meetings when they fall on the schedule.

You should be the first person your team mates should call even before their family members when anything good or bad happens to them because they spend most of their time in this business and you represent family to them.

Engagements should also be done professionally as to avoid stories that touch… a young man going to a young lady’s house at night to help her tackle her emotional issues all in the name of engagement… that is not what we are talking about. You are strictly on your own!

Engagement brings out the best from your team mates and creates loyalty. G-Leaders, organize a beginning of year Retreat for your group and make it heavier than last year’s own.


This is the most prestigious club after the G- Leaders, it’s made up of leaders who earn at least 500k monthly. This, I believe will be the most singular effective thing that a G-leaders can do this year; get as many of your team mates into CLUB500.

According to Zig Ziglar, “You will get everything you want and desire, if you can help as many people achieve their wants and desires”

The G-Leader with the highest no of people in CLUB500 will be celebrated; at the beginning of this business we vowed to celebrate Leaders that build successful leaders. Leaders don’t be bothered about making money, just be bothered about getting as many of your team mates into CLUB500

G-Leaders, pick your set of leaders and build them into enter CLUB500. Commit yourself to them, work with them, train them, mentor them and help build their business for them to enter CLUB500… IT IS A LOT OF WORK! But it is worth it.

Those in CLUB500 will be the favorites to be considered when qualifying for trips and other incentives. BE THERE!


The no 1 Cardinal Culture of C21FG is to commit your business to God. What this business offer is “FINANCIAL FREEDOM” for the monies that some of our G-Leaders make monthly, people kill innocent people and betray family and friends…

A professional hired assassin once confessed in a church, his fees for killing people and some G-Leaders in C21FG earn more than that monthly.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM is when you wake up in the morning and without lifting a finger, you are making monies, people slave for an entire lifetime and yet they are not financially free, they work to the death and yet are financially bound in their old age.

When you become financially free, you relieve stress from your world and make the world a better place because you are able to assist a lot of people

So don’t think that the enemies will sit down and watch you become financial free, so for that reason, you MUST engage Spirituality… You MUST ENGAGE GOD in your affairs;

I don’t subscribe to going to native doctors, star gazers or the occult world to seek protection because nothing good can ever come out from a bad tree. It’s give and take; robbing Peter to pay Paul (My Opinion)


If you pay attention to all the points listed in this blue print, you are on your way to building leaders and ultimate FINANCIAL FREEDOM BUT you must beware of two great enemies and FIGHT THEM with everything you have got.

The first one is DISTRACTION;

It comes in many ways… but the most common way is to bring something that is new, seems better and looks easier. Human beings like something new, I have also learnt that something is new does not necessarily mean it’s better.

A lady called me one time and started telling me about another network marketing company, she is my mum’s friend so I had to endure listening to her out of respect and she told me that if I put in the same energy am putting in AIM GLOBAL in that new one, I would become far richer. In fact, she said she has been in network marketing for over 15 years and she has vast experience

When we met, after she finished talking… I asked her just three questions; I asked her is “is your company the best company in the world right now? she said YES.

I asked her the second question… “Are you sure your company will still remain the best company in the next few months or years since the CEO is not God and nobody has a monopoly of knowledge? She said she can’t tell

I asked her the last question…” if you are asking me to leave my current company to join yours because you feel it’s better, if in the next 6 months, I meet someone with a better company than yours, would you advise me to leave your company and join the person’s company as well?

She kept quiet and I also asked her… if I joined that new company that is better than yours and in the next 4 months, someone else comes with a better company than that one, what will I do, will I also join that one?

I told her that the reason after 15 years in Network Marketing, she is till driving an old model Honda and going around looking for who to poach is because of her attitude of jumping up and down from one opportunity to the other…

NEWS FLASH; There are no short cuts; it seems greener on the other side until you get there. Like I said earlier… THERE IS NO EASY ROUTE TO MAKING MONEY If there was, then everybody would have been rich.

The moment, you start looking at another opportunity, it’s called a scatter bomb because your team mates will also start looking at other opportunities and before you know it, you have a lot of referral businesses in your team.

To forestall this; AIM GLOBAL put a loyalty clause; it means once you are doing AIM GLOBAL, if you are found doing any other referral business, your account will be terminated and the monies you make will be shared to your downlines that are active on a quarterly basis, they do this to discourage your active downlines from following you.

You owe it a duty to report to your G-leader if you find anybody doing any other referral business. Avoid distractions and better still learn from other people’s mistakes, those who left AIM GLOBAL till today, don’t have any team and are begging to come back, it’s an unpardonable crime.

The second enemy to avoid is BITTERNESS;

It comes in a subtle way like a seed, if left to grow, germinates into rebellion. NEVER be bitter with your upline or Leader; They are not perfect because they are still human, try and defend them whenever you can and be loyal because you are also a leader and you also are not perfect,

The same measure you meet with your upline, your teammates will multiply it and meet it out to you cos every seed sown multiplies in harvest.

When disgruntled, discuss it with your leader, if he/she fails to listen, then move up to your leader’s leader and complain and when it comes to a head, bring it to me. I am a text message away from anybody here.  

Whenever someone comes to you to speak ill of your leader, you need to rebuke that person openly and call your leader immediately in his presence to report.

Most people have detoured from their destiny path because they allowed wolves in sheep’s clothing, green snakes in green grass that come to sow a seed of discord in their heart and turn them against their leader and they were wasted in the process.

Nothing destroys like the seed of “Bitterness” Bitterness against your upline, your leaders and your cross lines MUST be avoided at all cost!

When somebody comes to discredit your leader, what is he trying to achieve? They are never on the positive side of destiny, Posterity and History will always be against them. Stay far from those people, warn them to stay clear from you and report same to your G-Leader. Do not give a listening ear to them for many have gone through that same way.

In 2018, Leave all bitterness with this year, forgive your leaders, upline and crosslines, call them and tell them where and what they did that offended you and forgive them anyways irrespective of their response and reactions so that you can start the new year with a heart of love and forgiveness…


As we enter the new year 2019, we need to start on a high, we need to hit the ground running. We have barely 3 months to qualify for the all-expense paid Philippine Trip.

We need to push the business with FULL THROTTLE and leave nothing to chance. I suggest every G-LEADER engages in some form of 90 days’ game plan… give it a title and hit it so hard so as to get as many of your team mates to the Philippines.

There is a lot of money flowing around in terms of campaign and all… Go and mop up all those funds with massive activities.

Don’t ever start the year slow, it can be very costly… it is a deciding factor in winning a game. When you start slow it takes you time to build momentum.

Usain Bolt’s career ended on a low because he started off his last race slow… he paid dearly for it, an action that will haunt him forever… Dash out this year like it’s a 100 meters sprint…

The Magic of the 90 day game plan is in the GO PRO academy, study it and use it for your team… Engage in the Retreat and start up on Fire after the retreat WITH THE 90 DAYS BURST…PEDAL TO THE METAL!



Login into your DTC, go to your account 1 and click on the recruitment menu, set the start date to the date you started this business and set the end date to the current date and spool every soul that has been recruited in your team since you started this business,

whether you sponsored them directly or not. Once the person is in your team and is alive, write their names down.

If you have some leaders under you, get them to do the same so that you don’t duplicate what they are doing.

Bring out all the names you see on your DTC and profile them in the format below.

You will be shocked to see tons of names in your business that you have totally forgotten. It will also shock you getting to know the amount of people that are breathing in your business.

Truth is; these people signed up because they believed in the business at one point, several things have come to attack their belief system your job now is to do your best to bring back their belief.

Some have tried other things in 2018 and probably did not get what they desired; the reality is that some of them want to come back to this business in 2019, I have met lots of these people and after a brief talk and illumination, they really want to come back.

Leaders, if you know the number of your inactive downlines that want to come back to this business in 2019, you will stop prospecting and go after the lost sheep.

if you approach them the right way and educate them a little, they will be willing to give the business one more PUSH.

You can profile them like this, under a team lead for easy follow up.


G-Leaders, organize a welcome back party or Love feast for these people as give them renewed hope to give this business one more try this year.

During the welcome back party, build back their belief system, share testimonies and let them know that they are welcome back to C21FG and that we are committed this year to help them become millionaires…

Our target this year is to raise 1,000 millionaires… Perhaps this could be their YEAR!


As I begin to close, I am prompted to answer one of the most incredible questions in human history, the Question of “WHY”

Since the beginning of this epistle, we have been answering the easier question which is “HOW” how to succeed in this business… how to become a successful social entrepreneur, how to become a leader and build leaders but we have not answered the question on “WHY”

WHY must I succeed? Why must I become a successful social entrepreneur? WHY must I go through the rigours of becoming a leader and build leaders?

I discovered that everything we do leads to just three major objectives which are Wealth, Growth and Contribution. Let us discuss each of this in small details and give you the reasons you should not just do this business BUT EXCEL

WEALTH; Money is not the reason WHY we do the things we do, but what money can do in our lives lead us to wake up every day to look for it. I am going to talk about 3 major things that money does to us and why it’s imperative for us to look for money.

1. Money improves our quality of life and the lives of the people that matter to us. Life is not measured by the quantity but by the quality and MONEY helps you improve the quality. The kind of house you live in, the type of car you drive, the quality of education you get and/or give to your loved ones, the quality of food you eat can either the improve or diminish the quality of our lives.

My living room is more like the “Theatre of dreams” and not Old Trafford… MONEY made it look like that.

2. MONEY can buy experiences; It’s also been said that Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away, it means that the quality of our lives is measured by the quality of the experiences we have and MONEY can buy experiences;

Money can make you have breakfast in Paris, lunch in Amsterdam and dinner in Peru, money can make you and your family travel the world and have experiences they only dream of or watch on television screens… Money can also get you one on one with your celebrity crushes and makes impossibilities disappear into thin air… wait a minute… Have you witnessed the experience you have when you just give money to people who were not expecting it… those kind of experiences makes life worth living.

3.Money can solve problems, not just yours but that of other people; the holy book says “Money answereth all things” there are problems that 100k can solve, most of the prayer points people have are things that money can answer! Someone’s child is being sent out of school cos of school fees…

You don’t need prayer, just about 100k can solve it. Someone’s car engine just knocked, maybe 400k can solve it, someone just had an accident and broke his legs… maybe just about a million box can fix it, foot ballers break their legs all the time and it’s just a matter of time they are good to go.

It will shock you how much problems just 100k can solve.

With all these being said… “Money is worth pursuing and this business can give you money. This business can give you an 8 figure income monthly, a lot of G-leaders already make 7 Figure income monthly and the sweetest part is that when you build leaders, you can earn 8 Figure residual monthly income with time. I don’t know of any business that guarantees 7 to 8 figure income residual like our business.

The second reason why we do what we do is GROWTH

Growth; Growth is the one of the psychological drives in every human being, the ability not to remain stagnant is very important to the human mind. What makes us grow are called challenges and accepting responsibility; there are career paths that does not support growth,

So many jobs are just routines that leave you aging without necessarily growing and at the end of the day, it’s just your salary that you are left with.

When I was working in the bank, year in year out, I was not growing, growth does not necessarily mean promotion or more money; growth is about increasing in value, knowing that you have become of more importance and that you could offer more to your world that you could offer a year ago.

If there is any business that offers room for growth, it’s our business. If you team is 200 last year and now its 500… you ultimately have to grow to be able to lead it.

Like it’s usually said, the greatest reward of our business is not just the money you make but who you ultimately become in the process (GROWTH) For the purposes of growth alone, you should become a LEADER and build LEADERS.

The third reason WHY we do what we do is CONTRIBUTION

Life is not measured by what we get but by what we give… the Holy book also said that a man’s life does not consist of his possessions, which brings me to the fact that until you are contributing to your world, you are existing and not living.

Contribution is impacting your world, its giving you the assurance that your life counts, it can also be defined as being a real blessing to the lives of others.

How many executives could actually boast they are actually contributing to the lives of their subordinates, most subordinates are loyal just because their Boss holds something over their heads, the true test of impact is when the boss leaves the job, how many of his team mates will respect him… That is not impact,

In this business, you have a chance to contribute and impact meaningfully to the lives of your team mates by helping them succeed. I know how many people will be helped by this blue print and that is what this business gives you the opportunity to do.

You try to become more because you a lot of people depend on you for their success. It’s been recorded that leaders in Network Marketing affect the lives of people more than any industry.

For the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others, this business is worth doing and the sacrifice is worth it; Imagine you wake up one day and through your input you have raised 50 monthly millionaires and they are all grateful to you and blessing you from their hearts for helping them become millionaires.




There is still one final piece of the puzzle yet to be addressed and that is DOING IT.

The thing that changes our lives are not the things we know but the things we actually DO!

How incredible is it that people know what to do, how to do it and why they should do it and yet they don’t seem to be able to do what they know they should do.

What is it that forces people to do what they need to do? what is it that will make people heed to this items stated in this blueprint? The same primitive force that drove us to go to school and behave ourselves which is “the price to pay for not doing what we are supposed to do” and the prize to win by doing what we are supposed to do

I remember when my life was full of struggles, my connected economy business was on a downhill, more like free fall… I could not see light at the end of the tunnel, I was going to a bank work that I desperately hated because I was doing the same routine day after day without growing.

During this period, one day, while I was at work, I looked at my computer and I saw the score card of my branch drop in my mailbox, it was bad… in fact terrible and I knew the drill… and while I was contemplating on what next to do,

one of my new recruits (someone I was hoping could become a leader) sent me a disheartening text message of how he is no longer interested in the business, how he wished he could get his money back and how he regretted paying for the business.

His text message immediately plunged me into a state of depression as my countenance fell immediately. I was tired, I was weak and it looked like this business would not work after all…I was supposed to have a training that evening and I was not in the mood for that, I wanted to cancel but as I looked up to my mail box… I saw a query asking to explain the poor score card of my branch, my manager has immediately passed the buck to me… I immediately saw myself between the devil and the deep blue sea…between a business that was not doing well and a job that I did not enjoy.

I told myself, this connected economy business is my only outlet from this bank work and if I don’t do what I need to do, I will perpetually remain in this bank work, the fear of being trapped in the bank pushed me up to start preparing mentally for my training.

In order to do what you need to do, you need to bring the consequences of not doing it close to you… and if the consequences are unbearable, you will be pushed to do what you need to do

Secondly, you need to bring the end result of doing what you are supposed to do close to you and bask in the euphoria…

Reclining on my massaging chair and watching Man United match against Bournemouth in my living room, I got a call from an old colleague that reminded me of the above incident years back; It dawned on me that I don’t have to go to bank work the following day, in fact I don’t even need to leave my house and the last time I checked my dtc, I already made 8 figures income this month… Residual… living life on my terms, I smiled… “it was all worth it”

How would you feel to come to the end of 2019 and the man/woman you are is less than the man/woman you are supposed to be just because you did not DO all that you are supposed to do?

How would you feel if your loved ones are suffering or living lower quality of life just because you did not DO what you are supposed to do?

If only heaven could show us the life we could have been living today if only we did what we really needed to do, I tell you, we will throw out every excuses and DO what is required in 2019… the pain of regrets far outweighs the pains of discipline.

A lot of us will be 7/8 figure earners by DECEMBER 2019, IF ONLY WE DO WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD IN THIS BLUEPRINT… The question is “WOULD YOU”?

Welcome to 2019.

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