There are five known ideologies a Marketer need to know. They are 

1) Production Concept

In this type of marketing philosophy, Monopoly is the order of the day. Quality is neglected due to lack of competition. The Marketer here, believes in mass production. This was practised by country like Soviet Union (Present Russia). The government mass produce the needs of his people, not minding about the standard of the products. Varieties are not recognize here. This also can be witness in countries that are in war, any product given to them, they accept for survival.

2) Product Ideology

This particular concept, embrace competition. No more Monopoly of the Market. The users of the products seek for different taste. Firms are competing for the market. Quality is the rules of the game. Do everything to win the heart of the buyers of your competitors products to yourself. Is not about mass producing, but to create satisfaction for your customers taste. Product concept is an advance to production Ideology.

3) Selling Concept

Here the Marketer uses every means to sell his products. He can embark into promotion, aggressive advertisement. The firms practicing this particular Ideology just want to make sales. They sometimes apply tricks, flattering words ( words like if you use this product you will look like Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham). When ask some Marketers they believe Marketers are not to trick their customers into buying their products.

4) Marketing Ideology/Concept/Philosophy

The 4p(s) are apply here. The 4p(s) are refer to as the marketing mix. They are products, price, promotion and place. The firms making use of the Marketing concept:

a)should produce standard product. When producing any product, should care about the tastes of the customers. The customers are consider here first, not about their societal welfare, but their personal wants and needs.

b)Apply favorable prices for their products. The firm may decide to raise his products prices high or make the prices affordable for the customers. When taking any of the decision, he should consider how to increase its profit margin.

c) Is not about creating good products or setting the prices right, but sometimes it need more than that. Firms go into aggressive advertisement and promotion to attract buyers of their products.

d) place is very important p in the marketing mix. Companies need to place their factories, outlets to the reach of their customers. If the customers take long distance to get  products from a company, they may decide to look for alternatives to replace the company products. Companies should make sure that their factories are close to thier source of raw materials. Companies making their factories close to thier source of raw materials, don’t prevent them from having many outlets nationwide or to a greater percentage of the region.

5) Societal Marketing Concept

Here the firm is not concern about customers satisfaction only, but also about their welfare. This is the reason why some precaution statements are written on the pack of some products, such as:

i) Smokers are reliable to die Young.

ii) Keep out of the reach of children.

iii) don’t take it without food.

iv) don’t take if you are pregnant.

In Societal Marketing Concept, the government agencies work together with companies for the welfare of customers or users of their products.

Firms still interchange these concepts, for growth and profitability.



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